Calories In Iced Coffee

Iced coffee has always managed to make coffee lovers happy. The value of a mug of iced coffee on a summer afternoon, when the sun is scorching relentlessly, can never be undermined. There are very few people who actually realize that the iced coffee that they seem to relish is full of calories. The iced coffee which you get from the commercial coffee outlets is actually not a healthy option at all. The people who are looking to control their weight or are looking to regulate the diet or cut down on the calories in the food they eat, are going to be definitely shocked out of their senses when they realize what an unhealthy drink, they have been gulping down.

The commercially available iced coffee drinks contain nothing less than a couple of hundred calories. For example, the medium sized iced coffee or an iced mocha coffee from a commercial coffee outlet can give you a whopping three hundred plus calories at one go. The frappuccinos are the most dangerous with over six hundreds of calories in one single cup. What does that mean to you? Would you prefer maintaining your diet and calorie intake diligently all through out the day, only to find out that one cup of the frappuccino has toppled over all your schedules and the single cup has added to almost one fourth of your daily calories?

There is no reason to panic, and decide that you will never again touch an iced coffee drink again. You only need to know what makes the iced coffee so full of calories and try to work on reducing it. The major input of calories in the iced coffee drink is from the milk used. The milk is quite a rich source of fat, and on an average two hundred and forty grams of milk can provide around eighty calories from the nine grams of the fat in it. So just think cleverly and use the skimmed milk which has virtually zero grams of fat. So you just saved almost one hundred and twenty calories, because most of the commercial drinks use around twelve ounces of milk in each drink.

Next is the sweetener used to sweeten up the iced coffee. The sugary syrup accounts for around eighty calories in four squirts of the syrup. Most of the people cannot do without the sweetening in iced coffee, but if you are comfortable with the unsweetened variety, then just go ahead and order it unsweetened and you save another eighty calories.