Chocolate Mocha Coffee

Chocolate-the mere mention of the word elicits a longing to taste the divine thing. There is little wonder if chocolate is so widely preferred all over the globe. The heavenly taste just lingers in your mouth and you go on your knees, begging for more. Chocolate lovers were tinged with a tiny sense of guilt for piling on the calories, while biting in to the chocolate bars. But with the recent research and findings that Chocolate is actually good for the health; the chocolate aficionados have let out a scream in relief.

Coffee is another drink with international fan following. There seems to be new members being added every day to the list of coffee lovers. Coffee is a versatile drink which allows maximum flexibility to be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Drink it hot and piping or dump ice cubes in a cup of coffee, the choice is entirely yours. Or for those who want to experiment and innovate let a scoop of ice cream float on the top of a cup of hot espresso coffee.

Mocha coffee is a variety of coffee made from the coffee beans which originally came from Yemen. The Mocha coffee is a highly valued kind of coffee, because of its rich and creamy chocolaty flavor. Mocha coffee is the perfect gift of nature with a combination of the world's 2 best flavors, coffee and chocolate.

Mocha coffee is a well loved drink all over the world and all the popular coffee chain outlets have their own special recipe of Mocha coffee. If you too are a fan of Mocha coffee, it is necessary to know how to get your own personal cup of Mocha Coffee at home.

The first step is to brew your self 2 cups of strong espresso coffee in your espresso machine. If you could make it a bit stronger, it would taste better. Then warm 2 cups of milk with the white chocolate in it. The white chocolate has a better smooth and creamy consistency than the other chocolates. Once it is done the chocolate mixture needs to be poured immediately in to the pan holding 2 cups of espresso coffee. Mix thoroughly and the chocolate Mocha Coffee is ready to be sipped. Or if you like you may add a sprinkle of chocolate over the top layer of whipped cream and enjoy it with the whirl of cream on top.