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Coffee And Tea

In our world today, beverages of all types exist. Some can be harming, such as alcohol, some can be healthy and extremely nutritional. Consumers each day drink at least a certain type of beverage a day. Certain beverages are also associated with certain times of the day. Let us take a look at the most famous morning beverages. The four major morning beverages are list as coffee, milk, tea and juice. Coffee and tea fall under the same category, stimulants. Each having its own benefits and advantages.

Coffee is a drink that originates from roasted coffee beans, which grown on coffee plants. It is a hot brewed drink. And these coffee plants have the potential to grow in more than seventy countries worldwide. Coffee beans have a high caffeine content, and thus is an immense stimulator. Due to its stimulating properties it is considered a morning drink. Hence the proverb, 'wake up, get a coffee!'. It is an extremely in demand beverage across the entire world and its industries are in constant competition. Coffee has its own respective advantages. Caffeine contains various antioxidants. These antioxidants aid in the prevention of oxidation. Coffee is known to help reduce the average risk of attaining Parkinson's disease. Coffee is also known to help the prevention of liver cirrhosis, gallstone, kidney stones, Alzheimer's disease, and asthma. The disadvantages of caffeine must also be considered. It can cause a high degree of cholesterol which can lead to diabetes. Linked to blood circulation, caffeine can also produce higher risks of heart diseases and blood pressures. In addition to that it causes osteoporosis, heartburn and high amounts of dehydration.

Tea is known to be national drink of many countries within the Eastern Hemisphere, such as Japan, Afghanistan, Iran, and China and many more. There are more than three thousand types of tea. Tea derives from plants that are added to boiling water. Tea also contains coffee, hence it is also considered a stimulant, which in turn is why it is generally consumer within the mornings and equally in the evenings, since it is lighter to consumer in comparison to coffee's low evening consumption rates. Tea has many advantages, it helps prevent many types of cancer. It is known to also help with the treatment of multiple sclerosis, raises the metabolism, increases healing speed and neutralizes many free radical within the human body. It is also known to reduce LDL's, which is bad cholesterol that can lead to diabetes. In terms of negative effects, it can cause more urination, insomnia, nausea, which is what caffeine can also cause.