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Coffee Brewing Systems

There are numerous coffee brewing systems but there is only one way to find out the best among the rest. To know which one is the best suited to your requirement; you just need to make sure about the amount of freshly brewed coffee that you are planning to drink.

Based on the amount of the coffee to be brewed at a single time, there are 3 main types of coffee brewing systems as listed below:

Single pot brewer

Air pot brewing system

Automatic urn brewers.

Single pot brewer:

This is best suited when the volume of freshly brewed coffee is required to be the minimum, less than three gallons in every 24 hrs or when the machine is supposed to be used only very occasionally.

The single pot brewers have a decanter with a source for heating which is placed just beneath the decanter. The heat is adjusted to maintain the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee around 185? F. The usual amount brewed is around sixty ounces or five different servings of twelve ounces. The most important thing to be taken care of in such brewers is that the ratio of the water to the coffee must be necessarily maintained at 14: 20 and the temperature of the water must be around 200? F. The single pot brewers prepare coffee within just four minutes.

Air pot brewing system:

This brewing system is excellent when the amount of coffee planned to be consumed is higher around three to six gallons per 24 hours. The Air pot brewing system can also be used when there is a requirement for continuous dispensing of coffee.

Here there is no heat source directly underneath the decanter like the single pot brewer. This brewing system pours the brewed coffee directly on to an insulated decanter. The temperature of the coffee is thus maintained at 185? F.

Automatic urn brewers:

When the need for freshly brewed coffee is quite high, say more than six gallons in every 24 hours, and then it would be best to go for an Automatic urn brewer. This can be used when the large volume of the freshly brewed coffee is proposed to be drunk immediately, like in commercial establishments or offices or coffee shops. The ratio of 14: 20 of water and coffee needs to be maintained here too and the amount of coffee dispensed is around seventy five ounces. That means that around 15 ounces of coffee can be brewed in five different servings.