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Coffee French Roast

French roast is a highly self suggestive term. It simply means that the coffee beans have been roasted quite well before being used in the coffee making machine for preparing espresso coffee or coffee drinks. The coffee beans which are used in the French roast are made sure to be green and also fresh before they are roasted. The roasting process needs to be continued for about eleven to thirteen minutes and the temperature is ensured to be kept between 185 and 285?C.

Depending on the various stages they pass through during the roasting the coffee beans are given peculiar names to describe them. Like for example, when green and small beans which are fresh from produce are roasted and they let off the first cracking sound or the pop sound, then the coffee beans are described as City roast or Cinnamon. These are quite mild in their flavor and are quite light. These cinnamon or city roast coffee beans are used along for consumption as coffee beverages. When the Cinnamon stage coffee beans are allowed to lie in the roaster for some more time and they give off another pop sound, then they are described as the French roast coffee beans.

The next stage after the French roast stage is called as the Destoner process. This process is useful in removing all seeds and the unnecessary debris from the roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans which are put through the destoning process are next taken for the equilibrium stage. Here in the equilibrium process, the destined coffee beans are dried and stabilized. After that they are put through the grinding process and finally packed.

The specialties of the French roast coffee are manifold:

The smoky flavor of the French roast coffee beans are liked by one and all.

The flavor though being the most intense of all flavors, yet these French roasted beans are the darkest in color and look appealing.

These types of coffee beans are less acidic when compared to the other non roasted beans.

They are fit to be mixed and combined with the milder varieties to give an adequate strength to the coffee brewed out of these beans.

The French roasted coffee beans are preferred by people who like their coffee quite string and intense. These French roast coffee beans care also used in desserts, chocolates, and in other preparations where the flavor of coffee needs to be emphasized.