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Espresso beans coffee is one of the highest ranked favorites of coffee gourmets' around the world. But what happens when you add the chocolate to the bean? A real taste delight. The problem is that finding chocolate espresso beans can be problematical. You can search the gourmet coffee shops and may not be able to find them. The best resource is the internet. You can buy espresso beans, in any of their different manifestations, wholesale online and save a bundle of money. If you are looking for that special taste to sooth your discriminating palate, or simply shopping for the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list, buying beans wholesale makes sense.

Shopping online does present its own problems. You want to make sure that you are on a secure site. Too many bad things can happen to your credit. You also want to pick a site with plenty of product information and illustrations. Read all of the warning and special information, especially the small print. Be careful about giving out information not related to the purchase, like you social security number, drivers license number or bank information. Your name, address and card information is all the company needs.

Making good espresso is, and should be, all about the blend. Before you blend, make sure that you taste the origin beans so you will know what they taste like individually. When you do decide to blend you must understand that it is unlikely to be perfect on the first try or even the fifth or sixth try. One pot might be perfect the first day and terrible the second day. Much of taste comes from a particular crop of beans and will change with the season. Understanding this will make it much less stressful when you are searching for the perfect blend. Remember also that the ratio of coffee to water is much higher than it would be with straight coffee.

Keep you espresso away from the acidic coffees like the Kenyan coffees and others in the same family. Kenyan coffee is truly great but doesn't work well as an espresso. Too much acid in a strong blend like espresso can ruin the taste. How you make your roast is also of vital importance. Different people do it differently. Professionals like to post blend because it trims waste to a bare minimum, as they can add any waste to the rest of the blend. For someone who isn't a commercial roaster, it is much easier to pre blend and roasts it whole and the taste comes out much better.

Finally, taking advantage of a little chocolate in your blend will add that mocha taste to your espresso that ads to the spice of the whole blend.