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Espresso Blend Coffee

Choosing the right coffee blend for your espresso machine is a must if you want to feel the true flavour of the coffee. When using an espresso machine you should know that the usual coffees that can be found in the grocery shops are not suitable for the espresso. There are special types of ground coffee that work perfectly with this coffee maker. Choosing them will definitely make a difference regarding the taste and quality of the drink.

Before trying any type of coffee, just take a moment and get yourself informed about their characteristics then choose the one that suits you the best. There are multiple choices out there on the market so that every customer has the opportunity to pick the right assortment to his /hers liking. First of all you should use for your espresso a type of coffee that is finely ground in order not to allow the water to quickly flow through the coffee, as it has to mingle as much as possible with the ground coffee.

The pre ground coffee is perfect for this use. There are companies that produce high quality pre ground coffee for espresso. For instance the Illy coffee is ground for the maximum of flavour. The Fiori Coffee is an Italian brand specially designed for the espresso use, which is roasted very slowly in order to ensure quality to each an every cup of coffee that is served. It has aromas like cocoa, cedar or fruit meeting all expectancies. Whatever brand of pre ground coffee you choose, there is a specific thing to consider: check the label. You have see the mark espresso grind, in order to be sure you have chosen the right type. Once you open the coffee, store it into a well sealed dark container as it gets breathed very fast.

For many espresso blends, specialists use base coffees from regions like Brazil or Colombia. They add to these bases other coffees in order to obtain original aromas that please every coffee drinker. A good coffee is roasted within tow weeks before being consumed, so once you buy it, use it quickly. Of course there are blends of green coffee on the market for home roasters who enjoy creating their own blend for espresso. It takes patience and time in order to get the perfect blend but it's a fun experience.

There are tow species of coffee that are mostly used for espresso blends: Arabica which is lighter and Robusto which is more acidic, being cultivated in regions with lower altitudes. The first type of coffee is more preferred as it's less bitter than the second one. Whether you buy espresso blend coffee from the market or you prefer making it on your own, the flavour of a good cup of coffee marks your day.