Espresso Coffee Caffeine

It is claimed that espresso coffee has much less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. However, is that myth or it is true? The best answer is yes and no. We can say that a cup of espresso contains more caffeine than a glass of a very strong coffee. So the espresso, in real, is stronger than a regular coffee. However, what we do not have to forget is that the amount of espresso served is usually much less than the amount of regular coffee. What can be concluded is that the espresso has more caffeine but as we get a little amount, it is as strong as a regular coffee.

Anyway, let's go a little deeper and find out where this myth about the espresso comes from. The reason is that the beans which espresso is made from (dark roast beans) are not as strong as the roasted beans for the regular coffee. However, what is not kept in mind is that the stronger coffee beans are roasted which makes most of the caffeine they contain sublimate.

But when we compare the espresso and the regular coffee, we should also think whether the espresso is made of Arabica beans or Robusta beans. The reason is that the Robusta have two times more caffeine than the Arabica coffee beans. If you are asking yourself which kind of beans we are consuming, you will not get a sure answer. Some companies claim that the coffee they produce is made of Robusta as it is more expensive. But if you are not an expert, you will find it difficult to distinguish the Arabica from Robusta, so that you cannot be sure whether you actually buy Robusta or something else. To be frank, espresso which most of us consume is made of the cheaper sort of beans- Arabica. However, being cheaper does not make it of worse quality! Just on the contrary, the Arabica beans are considered to be more useful for us than the Robusta as they have amino acids which are extremely good for your health. A lot of people also claim that they prefer espresso made of Arabica beans as it is not as bitter as the espresso made of Robusta beans owing to the less amount of caffeine. However, what is considered to be the coffee of best quality and taste is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans (usually around 10% Robusta and 90% Arabic beans). You will not have any problems finding this kind of espresso as it is probably the most spread one on the market.

The myth has been broken. The espresso is strong than a regular coffee but thanks to the less amount we are served, we do not feel its "real power and strength".