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Espresso Coffee Latte

Espresso coffee is immensely famous and every one knows what espresso is all about. The most excellent Espresso coffee is indubitably Italian Espresso coffee. The Italians are so infatuated with their espresso coffee that they can go to any conclusion to get their espressos accurate. The espresso coffee making is considered an art in Italy. Espresso Italian coffee is awfully exceptional for the reason that it has a concentrated and enticing aroma and also because of its bright and outstanding color which simulates a hazel nut.

The espresso is just plain coffee without any added sugar or milk or cream or any other stuff other than brewed coffee. The taste of the espresso is quite unique and can be quite overwhelming for people who are not accustomed to drinking such strong coffee. There are many countries where the espresso coffee is enjoyed with sweetening agents added to get over the slightly strong and intense taste of the espresso. This is especially true in the Asian countries where the tea and coffee are always made with sugar and milk, and it is almost a rule to add sugar.

The Italians have a different name for the coffee which is made with milk added to it. It is called as the Latte. The latte coffee is limited only for use during breakfast. There are certain procedures which the Italians follow devotedly to make their best Latte coffee. It is quite common knowledge how passionate the Italians are about their coffee. The term Italian is often used interchangeably with coffee, espresso coffee etc. That describes their passion for the wonderful drink.

The latte coffee is prepared using a moka stove top. The espresso or the plain coffee prepared in such a manner is then poured in to a container which holds very hot milk. The Italians never use the foamed variety of the milk for the Latte coffee. There are different variations and changes in the usual Latte coffee when it reaches other countries. The coffee and also the variants of the coffee like latte and espresso tend to take on some of the characteristics of the local culture and local habits when they reach different and distant nations, outside Italy. The Latte coffee is mixed with some varieties of tea like the matcha, chai and the other varieties of tea to customize it according to the local tastes in other countries like Asian countries or even North America.