Espresso Italian Coffee

The term espresso seems to be synonymous with the term Italy. Italians prefer their coffee to such extent that they have often come up with ingenious ways to prepare their favorite drink and they take pride in doing so. Espresso Italian coffee is very much special because of its intense and inviting aroma and also because of its brilliant and outstanding color which simulates a hazel nut.

The Italian coffee makers keep on inventing different methods to make their coffee and they excel at what they do. The basic steps in preparing an Espresso Italian coffee are detailed below:

You will definitely need a good espresso coffee maker for preparing wonderful Italian espresso coffee.

Now once you have kept your coffee maker ready, you need to pour water in to the bottom or the lowest chamber of the espresso coffee maker up to the demarcated line.

Now you will need to attach the strainer and adjust the water levels perfectly so as to keep the water from spilling out from the bottom chamber.

Fill in the chamber with some excellent Italian coffee ground and make sure to press the strainer down very lightly.

Ensure that the strainer is not stuffed in or it can cause unnecessary pressure in the interior chamber of the pot.

Now that you are done, you can screw the top part firmly.

Leave the coffee to heat to at least 185?F. But it needs to be ensured that the coffee is not left on the heat for more than necessary period of time or it can taste really bitter and unpalatable.

Keeping this intense passion for espresso coffee in mind, coffee machine manufacturers all over the globe are bringing out various types of espresso machines. These espresso machines offer so many features and also the consolation of a great flavor to the espresso coffee prepared with it. The popular coffee making machine manufacturers have all got their own model of Espresso coffee maker. The top brands are of course Mr. Coffee, Gaggia, Aabree etc to mention just a few.

There are mainly 2 types of Espresso machines as listed out:

Super Automatic

Semi automatic


The super automatics as the name suggests gets the work done at just the touch of a single button. The semi automatic espresso machines make the use of an electrically managed pump but actually require a fair amount of user control. The Manual machines require the pressing of a lever manually.