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French Vanilla Coffee

French vanilla coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Having that great tasting coffee with a hint of vanilla in it can make your morning simply feel like heaven. It helps enhance the rich taste of coffee. It's so popular that some makers of creamer have created a specific type of creamer that is infused with French vanilla flavors. Also a lot of companies have created their own flavored French vanilla coffee. You can see it every where that a lot of people are craving for that perfect cup of French vanilla coffee. People are still looking for that perfect blend of vanilla and coffee infused together.

Have you ever wondered how to make your very own cup of French vanilla coffee? Tired of the taste of your typical morning cup of coffee? Here's a recipe than can add taste to your morning cup. It is actually very simple and you can do it in your very own home and you do not to pay the price for flavored coffee. There is nothing compared to having that big cup of French vanilla coffee in the morning. Basically, the things that you need are a coffeemaker, any type of coffee (decaffeinated or caffeinated), milk (you can use low fat or full cream or half and half), brown or white sugar or you can use an artificial sweetener, vanilla beans and a nice big coffee mug.

First you have to start by filling your coffee maker to the desired amount. Next, add the coffee that you want use in the coffee holder of your coffee maker. Then crush the vanilla bean (it does not really need to be really crushed, but it just has to be broken up so that the juices in the vanilla can flow into the coffee). After that, you should add 1 table spoon of brown sugar or white sugar (whatever you prefer) and then start brewing the coffee. Lastly, when the brewing is finished you pour your cup of coffee, add sugar but it will be sweet enough because you have already put in some sugar in the brew, then you just put in milk (to your liking of course). Now all you have to do is to sit back, and enjoy that perfect cup of French vanilla coffee. You can do this recipe in less than five minutes. Why not do it everyday?