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Green Coffee Beans

A critical aspect of having the perfect cup of coffee is obviously the coffee bean. Fresh beans are critical and most commonly an over looked factor when it comes to brewing coffee. Green coffee beans are often referred to in the coffee industry as uncooked or not roasted coffee bean. They are the actually seeds that come from the fruit of a coffee tree. To transform it to the actual coffee beans that we know and love, coffee companies roast the green coffee beans in order to change the chemical and physical attributes of the beans. The process of roasting is able to produce the distinct flavor of coffee by causing the green coffee bean to expand and change in color, taste, smell and destiny. The roasting process helps in giving coffee beans its distinct flavor by causing the green coffee bean to expand. Though green coffee beans contain the attributes of roasted coffee beans, it still is incomplete. It doesn't have the same distinct flavor that roasted beans have. Rule of thumb suggest that the roasting of the green coffee beans should be done near the area where it is going to purchased so that the shelf of the bean would be increased. This process should be done less than a week before the sale. Because the optimal shelf life is week, one should give particular importance to the roasting date which is normally stamped on the can of the roasted coffee bean.

Before roasting, raw or green coffee beans should be separated from the other parts of the seed. After that it should be cleaned and dried almost instantly. The process of how the green coffee bean is processed has a huge impact on the texture and the taste of the coffee. Sun-drying it or natural processing of the green coffee gives it a heavier and a more distinct flavor when it is brewed. This is one the most popular way to process green coffee beans because of the effect that it has in regards to the flavor of the coffee bean itself. If it is processed using the wet method, it might lack the distinct heavy flavor of the coffee bean but taste a lot cleaner. In a country where water is abundant, they normally combine the two process mentioned about because it gives the green coffee bean a clean taste and at the same time the heavy distinct coffee flavor. This is not so popular because of the fact is that this process is very expensive and it takes a longer time.