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Hazelnut Coffee Candle

Greeks have always had better resources than anybody else. This is not only now but from the ancient times. Greek food resources have always been admired. Nuts are considered to be the most nutritious source of diet among all resources and products. They were also man's only part of diet in the ancient times. At that time these were in many numbers and one could fully survive on these nuts. If today there are many forests at that time those much were nuts so it was very easy to find these nuts and eat them. They could be easily stored anywhere and in any manner, and if there was shortage of food at times of rain, winters, of any types of crisis then these nuts cud always be used. This situation was back in the second century B.C. t that time these were another type of nuts which were famous i.e. hazelnut.

Hazelnut was used in making coffee candles. The hazelnut coffee candles were distributed at times of ceremonies and marriages and various other important functions. This was distributed along with sugar and almond. Hazelnut coffee candle has its place in almost all the coffee menus in the world. It is the finest coffee made by nuts. All those who like nuts or are addicted of eating hem, this coffee are a very good substitute for these people. Hazelnut coffee candles have a very hard shell. So a nutcracker is required to crack open them. Hazelnuts are also available in many other forms like raw, chopped, ground, toasted, blanched, cooked, baked and with some liquor. They have rich content that is fat is 40-60% and dietary fiber is around 5-15% with a good amount of protein content of 2-25% and starch up to 10%. The coffee candles made out of these also contain fats which are mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and do not contain cholesterol at all as they are harvested from the plants. There also many minerals that can be found on these candles like zinc, calcium, iron, phosphorous and magnesium.

Coffee candles from these hazelnuts which were used in ancient times have always been unique in taste and coffee lovers' favorite. It is of its own kind and none other coffee has this kind of taste and color. This coffee has a color which makes most of its taste, without its color it seems tasteless as the feel of coffee is negligible without its color.