Hazelnut Coffee Recipe

There is no such thing as hazelnut coffee beans. This is a common misconception with coffee drinkers, especially those who enjoy flavored coffees. The hazelnut coffee recipe that many people enjoy is actually a mix of ground hazelnut and ground coffee. It is not hazelnut liquor that has been added to the mix as some believe. It is a simple concept of some Middle Easterners who enjoyed traveling adding spices and other things to their coffee to give it a wonderful taste and aroma.

Flavored coffees, such as the hazelnut coffee recipe we have come to know and love, have been in existence since the Middle Ages. Middle Easterners of the day were known to be wandering nomads and quite often they were forced to purchase coffee that was lacking in taste and fullness. In an effort to give their coffee a more pleasing flavor, they would add spices such as cinnamon, clove and cardamom to their coffee. Ground nuts were actually added as a topping and the first time someone brewed the ground nut with the coffee a new taste was born.

While it is not the only nut flavored coffee available today, hazelnut coffee is the most popular. It is easy to find and most grocery stores carry it in some variety or another. If you've never tried the hazelnut coffee recipe then you are missing out on some of the best coffee out there. It has a very robust flavor with nutty overtones that is made with all natural ingredients. There are no sweeteners added to the mixture. It is simply pure hazelnuts ground with the coffee of choice that produces the nutty taste. You will also notice that hazelnut coffee seems to have a more creamy texture.

Unlike many other flavored coffees, hazelnut coffee can be enjoyed all year long. It is not a seasonal flavor that only appears once a year, such as eggnog flavored coffee. Additionally, it goes well with any type of meal, from breakfast to after dinner drinks. When you add a hazelnut flavored coffee creamer to your hazelnut coffee recipe, you are in for an even bigger taste sensation.

No matter where you go in the world you will find some coffee shop that sells hazelnut coffee recipe coffee in varying strengths. If you have never tried this type of flavored coffee you need to. Even pure coffee drinkers - those coffee drinkers who have coffee with their coffee as compared to cream and sugar - are finding that hazelnut coffee is a taste worth indulging in.