Iced Coffee Flavors

Through out history coffee has been the drink of choice over much of the world. Business empires and even entire peoples have made coffee a main staple. Well besides the standard black with cream and sugar, what are your options for making your morning cup more interesting and tasty?

One option that has become increasingly popular during the last several years is flavored ice coffee. Using iced coffee flavors can make your morning or all day drink if you're a coffee drinker like me, into a real taste treat. And the great thing is that you are limited in the amount of flavor choices only by your imagination and budget.

The best way to begin is to use a bean that is already flavored. The mocha bean, native to Yemen and Ethiopia, has a slightly chocolate flavor and is a great start. This chocolate flavor is what gives mocha coffee its skewed reputation as a coffee that is flavored with cocoa. Actually, in real mocha there is no cocoa. It is the bean itself that gives the brew its unique flavor. Another great bean to start with is the hazelnut. This bean is another popular choice among coffee drinkers and will give you a good beginning taste.

Once you have selected your bean, you can start to decide which flavor to add. This is a simple matter of experimenting. There are a number of companies online who offer pre blended Iced coffee flavors and you can save yourself some looking around if you find some flavors that you like.

There are some flavors that go naturally with coffee and some that don't. For instance, caramel will go exceptionally with mocha and so does cocoa, naturally. There are a number of people who like raspberry, especially with latte and mixing hazelnut with the raspberry is a real treat, especially for the younger coffee drinkers in your house hold. Other favorites are vanilla and cinnamon.

When I make iced coffee flavors I always brew up a couple of pots. After they both have cooled, I take the first one and make ice cubes with it. When water cubes melt in your coffee they will naturally dilute it until it is more watered down than most people like it. Using iced coffee, especially flavored, will keep your cup cool without ruining it by watering it down until the flavor of the brew is ruined.