Iced Coffee Nutrition

Some people argue that the iced coffee is the cold variant of the hot coffee. Either way this cold delicious drink is a blessing during those hot summer days when the usual coffee just doesn't work. There are multiple ways to prepare the iced coffee drink. One can serve an ordinary cold brewed coffee but this has a bitter taste. Another way to prepare it is to soak the ground coffee into the water for many hours filtering it afterwards.

The iced latte and iced mocha are two of the most common iced coffees which are served in many pubs, being preferred by many people. In order to prepare them, people use small quantities of strong espresso mixing it with the desired flavours and adding cold milk. Some prefer drinking it with a lot of cream on top.

Even if these drinks are very tasty and preferred by millions of people, specialists say that they are very unhealthy. Drinking iced coffee regularly, may lead to becoming overweight due to the large amounts of the calories it contains. Some even say that after smoking, this is the second cause of the appearance of diseases like the cancer.

An iced coffee drink contains many calories. Health experts say that a single cup of iced coffee contains over five hundred calories. Even consumed without whipped cream it still has over four hundred calories. Some doctors consider it is ok to consume it occasionally as long as it does not become a habit, having negative effects over our health.

If you consult a nutritional label you'll see that an iced coffee contains besides calories, much more ingredients that are not healthy, such as: fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates or sugars. It also has proteins, vitamin A and C, calcium but these are less found. Depending on the way they are brewed, some iced coffee drinks have no proteins at all.

When drinking iced coffee, there are two things to consider. It may have good as well as bad effects over the health due to the mix of the ingredients. The caffeine can act as an antioxidant which reduces the cells damage. It also lowers the risks of having diseases like Parkinson, kidney stones or Alzheimer. On the other hand, the containing caffeine may produce high blood pressure, osteoporosis or headaches. So before you become a regular drinker just take a minute and think about your health. Does the iced coffee really worth your money?