Iced Tea Coffee

The mere thought of an iced tea or coffee on a hot summer afternoon makes the majority of us happy. There is no other drink perhaps, other than these tea and coffee which can be enjoyed in more ways than one, that is both hot and iced. Now there are numerous people who love their tea and coffee only iced. But the next question which arises is how to go about making this wonderful drink at home, to be enjoyed at leisure?

Actually if you need to know it is quite simple, you can employ your current coffee making machine to get the job done. But then you will need to make the coffee first which will be around 185?F in temperature. That means you need to wait for a long time for the coffee to get cold and then ad ice to it and then enjoy your iced coffee. This will take a huge amount of time if the coffee maker uses thermal carafe. But another handy option is to get an iced tea brewer. But it is quite flexible and can be used for brewing iced coffee also. The iced tea brewing machine prepares the cold tea or coffee, you just need to add some more ice cubes to complete the drink and enjoy it.

There are numerous iced tea and coffee brewing machines from different companies which can be purchased for making your favorite iced tea and iced coffee at home. These machines are not at all costly and are quite affordable with most of the machines coming within an affordable range of fifty dollars. Some are so compact that they can easily be fitted inside the refrigerator also. There is an option of adjusting the strength of the coffee according to the personal likings.

The latest iced tea and coffee brewing machines are quite comfortable to use and easy to clean also. The parts are all mostly safe to be washed in the dish washer.

There are numerous recipes for preparing iced tea and iced coffee. Some people just roast the black tea powder with anise seeds or even some folks love to add some liquorice flavoring too.

Some folks add some food coloring also to the iced tea and iced coffee so as to add to the appearance and presentability of the drink. Owning an iced tea and coffee brewing machine is quite convenient to enjoy a nice cold refreshing drink when the weather turns hot.