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Italian Coffee Press

Interestingly enough the French Press for coffee is actually not French at all. The device, and process, was devised by and Italian. Many Americans know what espresso is, but in Italy, the home of espresso, it is simply "Italian caf?". This process at its best can create a truly wonderful cup of coffee or it can just as easily produce sewer water, not fit to drink.

Making Italian press coffee is much easier when using the right equipment. The first thing needed is called a "machinetta" and they can be found on the internet with some searching. Of course the methods for making espresso have changed drastically so making modern espresso at home just isn't practical. To do so you need a machine that will produce at least 9 atmospheres of pressures during the brewing cycle so that the oils can be extracted properly and form the "crema" which will be much more stable.

Having the ability to press your beans before the brew allows you to take advantage of all of the oils in each bean to give our coffee the taste and aroma that you want and need in your morning cup. Using an Italian Coffee Press will get you that entire flavor and then some making each cup as delicious as the last.

Finding a real Italian coffee press can be difficult sometimes though. There are some companies that offer them on the internet but these may or may not be an Italian machinetta. It will take a good amount of searching to find a real one but the search is very worth it. Making Italian coffee the way that it is supposed to be made, the way it is made in its native land is more than worth the trouble. Having your own coffee making equipment is the perfect way to get this accomplished and enjoy a great cup of coffee every time.

Some people like to use the French press method and that is ok, but the mechanisms are a bit different and I personally think that the French press, while decent, cannot deliver the entire flavor that the Italian presses can delivers and you will get a much better cup and aroma than with any other process.

So take the time and look around for the best Italian coffee press and start drinking the best coffee in the world.