Jura Espresso Coffee

Jura is a leader company which produces espresso coffee machines of highest quality. Actually, it has become so popular that at present Jura is considered to be one of the main competitors of companies such as Delongi. Jura, just like Delongi, produces lots of types of coffee machines and you could easily get confused which one to choose. However, if you need an espresso coffee machine of the brand Jura, you just need to read the article to its end and learn which the top two Jura coffeemakers are.

Impressa Z7 Chrome is definitely one of Jura's prides. The company's motto for this coffee machine was "High quality enjoyment" and they really tried all they could do so as to provide their customers with it. One of the machine's advantage is that it is not small at all which is not at all surprising as it is almost a professional espresso coffee machine. However, the Jura designers have made a lot of efforts so that it could look the way it does. The machine is so stylish that the big size will not make you change your opinion about it. But that is not all! The Impressa Chrome has many more advantages such as the height-adjustable stream of espresso so that it can have more or less foam. Let's not also forget that this wonderful espresso coffee machine can prepare for you 11 different kinds of coffees. All you need to do is just to touch one of the eleventh buttons as there is one button for each kind of coffee. Of course, you cannot expect a low price for this machine but we should not consider that as a disadvantage. The reason is that it is so good that the money is even little for a machine of that class.

Impressa S9 One Touch is a coffeemaker which each espresso valuer would like to own. It also can prepare more than one kinds of coffee at three temperature settings for hot water (Low, Medium and High). You can choose two types of coffee and touch one button- the rest will be done by Impressa One Touch. Yes, you heard it well- you will not need to move the cup. But the espresso machine has lots other features such as graphic display (where the menu system is), cleaning program, stainless steel container and many others. However, what we definitely need to pay attention to is the E.S.M (Energy Save Mode) which is an extremely valued feature nowadays. The money is not little but it is a long-term investment as you will save money from energy in future. If you can afford to spend around $500 for an espresso coffee machine, do not hesitate to get this one. You will definitely love it!

Those were the best two espresso coffee machines which Jura is offering on the market. You can be sure that whichever you purchase, you will taste wonderfully-prepared coffee every day.