Maxwell House Coffee

As one of the leading coffee brands in the world, Maxwell House branded coffee is manufactured by a division of Kraft Foods.

Maxwell House coffee was one of the largest-selling Coffee powders in the U.S for many years. At first Maxwell House Coffee was only available in the now iconic blue bagHowever in the Lst decade, the range offered from Maxwell House has expanded greatly. Colombian Supreme,French Roast and Slow Roast have all proved to be great commercial success'.

Ardent coffee lover were delighted that the Slow Roasted coffee was not bitter, but a beautiful and rich drink with an enchanting aroma. To meet the varied demands of their market Maxwell House offer decaffeinated alternatives on virtually all their leading sellers. To the credit of Maxwell House the change in taste is minimal. As an 'in-between' option Maxwell House Lite has half the caffeine content of regular caffeinated coffee's.

As market competition increase so does the pressure to produce successful marketing campaigns. The original catch phrase of "Good to the last drop", has recently changed to "Good just got great."

Numerous stories have been circulated over the origin of "Good to the last drop". The most notable is probably a comment from USA president Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 when visiting the estate of former president Andrew Jackson, near Nashville. So impressed by the standard of the coffee the distinguished statesman was heard to utter "good to the last drop".

With its great brand name and the backing of one of the world's food manufacturing giants, Maxwell house coffee has a huge advantage over the competition. Being in the market for over 100 years Maxwell House Coffee has been able to capture the hearts of young and old alike. Adapting to new market trends in introducing new blends, with its freshness and the distinctive taste, Maxwell House coffee will have a long and great future ahead.