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Mcdonalds Hazelnut Coffee

McDonalds is not Starbucks or any other major coffee shop chain that you find around the world. However they have introduced into their product line flavored coffee. McDonald's hazelnut coffee is one of those flavored coffees that you can purchase at the Golden Arches and you can get it hot or iced. Many people enjoy the iced variety of the McDonalds hazelnut coffee, but no matter how you drink it you will find that it is full of rich flavor.

Not everyone likes flavored coffees or McDonald's coffee for that matter. Many consumers feel that McDonalds coffee, especially the iced varieties, are too rich or promote the obesity problem that is plaguing the world today. You probably have walked into a McDonalds and have heard other customers complain about the coffee. There is a trick, however, to bypassing all the noise that surrounds McDonald's hazelnut coffee and all of their other flavors. That trick is to ask for a fresh brewed cup.

When McDonald's hazelnut coffee is brewed the coffee pot is marked with a grease pencil stating the time the pot was finished brewing. Technically, the pot is only good for one hour after brewing. McDonald's crews are supposed to then dump the pot and brew a fresh one. If you find that previous experiences with McDonalds coffee has been too strong, it's probably because the pot has been left on the burner for too long. It is time for a new pot and as the customer you have the right to fresh coffee. The next time you go and order a large McDonalds hazelnut coffee, ask them when the pot was made. If it is not fresh, ask them to brew a new pot for you.

McDonald's hazelnut coffee is enjoyable both ways, hot or iced. However, it carries one of the highest cholesterol ratings for coffee of this type when you enjoy it in its iced variety. The iced version has quite a bit of creamer in it, giving it light color and creamy texture. It is definitely something that should be enjoyed on occasion. If you like the flavor of McDonalds hazelnut coffee, order yourself a fresh hot cup where you can regulate what goes in it.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to coffee. McDonald's hazelnut coffee is good when taken on its own and without comparison. There will always be someone who does not like it. But then, there will always be someone that doesn't like Starbucks.