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Mocha Mix Coffee

Coffee comes in different brands depending on the origin of the seed; some of the best blends of coffee are known to originate from some unlikely places in the world such as the Middle East and eastern parts of Africa. One of the most outstanding countries that produce world class coffee is Kenya situated on the eastern coast of Africa. Talking about the term macho mix coffee may draw mixed reactions depending on one's perception of the term. Macho was originally a type of coffee bean that came from the ports of Yemen. This brand was quite unique due to its outstanding smooth taste and was indeed an attention grabber that is said to have been largely responsible for drawing Europe's attention to coffee from these parts of the world.

There is not so much of a relationship between this type of coffee and the macho coffee mix other than the fact that coffee from this brand could be used to mix the drink. In real experience, the term macho mix coffee actually refers to a type of drink that combines a mix of both coffee and cocoa. This cocktail is quite unique in the sense that it introduces the chocolaty taste of cocoa into a coffee drink making it quite a favorite especially among the youths and teens across the U.S and other countries alike. This drink can either be taken hot or ice cold depending on the customer's choice or the prevailing weather conditions. The macho mix is made in most coffee shops by mixing the coffee and chocolate in a mug together with some hot steamed milk.

It is however important to note that it is quite easy to make your own macho mix coffee at home by mixing your own ratios of the cocoa and coffee and giving it the flavor that you may desire in addition to steamed milk or any other things for that matter that may make it appealing to you. The steps that may lead you to a macho mix coffee may include the following, if you are in possession of an espresso coffee machine, just brew a cup of coffee from the same although other coffee machines may work as well depending on your choice. Upon brewing the coffee, boil about two cups of milk and add about three table spoons of cocoa or chocolate mix into the already boiled milk and continue stirring until you reach the desired state and simply gulp down your macho mix coffee.