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Mr. Espresso Coffee

Some coffee companies offer standard beans at regular prices and deal with the public and service companies with bulk business in mind. Other companies, like Mr. Espresso Coffee, in Oakland, California, really love providing the best coffee to its customers at the best possible prices. This company was founded in 1978 by a native Italian and his pure love of the dark brew shows in the company's entire philosophy of doing business.

Mr. Espresso knows that any cup starts with the bean. You can add any flavor you wish, jazz up your coffee with fruit or nuts or spices, but if you don't have a decent bean, your coffee just aren't going to be top quality. The company sends its buying representatives to coffee plantations worldwide in search of the best beans available. Once they find the beans they ship them back to Oakland and roast them to perfection. Mr. Espresso makes every effort to deal only with farmers who use only organically safe materials and are allied with the Fair Trade Certification program. Each bean, even the ones used for decaf, is slowly roasted over an oak wood fire and every attempt is made to preserve as much of the original bean taste during the process.

From the Americas Mr. Espresso carries coffees from Columbia, Brazil, Guatemala, and Antigua. American companies have a long business history with the coffee farmers in this part of the world and can usually find the best bean selections available with ease. Mr. Espresso also has an organic and decaf special blend, French roast and a great breakfast blend that will wake up a sleeping bear. If you need a wake up either the breakfast blend or the French roast will do wonderfully. Several other blends are also available, from the sweet, slightly mocha tasting Ethiopian beans to a great Neapolitan and a gourmet blend that tastes great.

Mr. Espresso also offers a very comprehensive selection of machines and coffee equipment that will fit into any budget and the staff is very knowledgeable about all of the various makes and models sold. And not only does it offer machines but you can easily pick out either a new machine or one that has been refurbished, allowing almost any budget to find what it needs. The staff will also find the machine that fits into your existing space so you won?t have to worry about buying something and having no place to put it.