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Organic Cofee Wholesale

Organic farming is the most health conscious way of farming. The organic farming refers to any cultivation or growing of crops without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The chemicals used as fertilizer and pesticides are extremely toxic and dangerous to health. There are a myriad of diseases caused by the uncontrolled usage of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming.

Coffee can also be grown with the help of Organic farming. In the Organic farming of coffee there are no fertilizers and pesticides of the chemical toxic variety are used. There are safer options of natural fertilizers and natural pesticides too. Organic farming of coffee makes use of these natural pesticides and fertilizers.

The Organic farming of coffee was actually begun by the poor or the financially weak farmers who could not afford the costly fertilizers and pesticides. The Organic farming of the Coffee Movement was initiated by the economically back ward coffee farmers in Mexico and Columbia. They were quick to form the association or a co-operative of the poor farmers and these co-operative societies promoted the Organic farming of coffee.

The other rich and economically strong countries which were involved in the Chemical method of coffee farming were very much reluctant to leave their old ways and initiate the Organic farming of coffee. But the persistence and resilience of the farmers who were promoting the Organic farming of coffee finally had its effect and the initially stubborn and reluctant chemical method farmers had to give in. The media and the people awareness campaign also had its own contribution in this matter.

Now even lay people know that the Organic farming of coffee is the best and the healthiest option of growing coffee. In addition to the health benefits, the Organic farming of coffee also imparts a better taste to the coffee.

There are many shops and dealers who sell the Organic coffee on a whole sale basis. The best way to find the whole sale dealers in any locality is to check the yellow pages. Or more convenient than that would be the online option. Just search the internet and you will find a whole lot of information and contact details of the wholesale organic coffee dealers, according to the particular area and locality you are searching for. You can also place an order online and get the required amount of the organic coffee delivered to your preferred location.