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Organic Fair Trade Coffee

According to researchers, food crops that are grown with the use of pesticides is unhealthy for consumption. The alternative for this type are organic crops which are produced without spraying pesticides. Organic coffee is one such crop.

Organic coffee grown by this method is labeled as "Fair Trade". It is specified by the Fair Trade Labeling Organization International and the TransFair USA, a government affiliation. To be granted the Fair Trade Label, coffee farmers should grow coffee on small scale gardens owned by them. Buyers typically pay higher for this type of coffee than the usual ones. Farmers who grow organic coffee under the Fair Trade label should heed the environmental practices.

One of the best coffees grown under the Fair Trade Label is produced by Green Mountain Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. The price of a 12-ounce bag of this type is estimated about 9

dollars. It is certified as an organic crop. and the have noted that the Green Mountain Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is one of the best which they usually do only for the best.

The other highly praised as a good variety of organic coffee is the Allegro Wnda Karaba Fair Trade Coffee. Unlike the Green Mountain coffee this type is rare to find in the market. Other than these two types, many other Fair Trade Organic Coffee are produced which include, Sumatra Gayoland Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Peru Fair Trade Organic -Fresh Roasted Coffee, Caf? Altura Fair Trade Drk Blend Rst Grnd Cofee, Timothys World Coffee PB 4023 (Fraction Packs), Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Peru Fair Trade Organic Coffee, Gautamala Huehuetenago Fair Trade Organic Coffee etc.

Fair Trade labeling is a fair approach that encourages farmers to produce best coffee available for the coffee lovers from the markets. It ensures the fair payments for the coffee growers for their production and healthy organic coffee for the consumers as well. The farmers under the Fair Trade Label should ensure that they protect the environment and the quality of the crops is free of pesticide usage.

Normally, those who purchase Fair Trade Organic Coffee are mainly concerned about the value of organic coffee for the well-being of the body than the taste. Even for those who are concerned about taste, organic coffee gives exceptional taste. The World is fast returning to organic foods as they are healthy as well as they help protect the environment. Within this backdrop, the Fair Trade Labeled Organic Coffee products are in high demand.