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Specialty Coffee Drink

There are several uses of coffee as a drink. Some people simply use the drink as a pass time beverage while others use it to reduce the effects of alcohol. For whatever reason the people use coffee, it is because of its qualities that it has become a world class drink. It is out of its large number of users that the drink has been made in very many different ways. Every region has its own specialty coffee drink that clearly acts as a trade mark f the region. Among some of the prominent specialty coffee drinks are the Irish coffee, the Macho mix coffee, Italian coffee mix among others.

Each and every specialty coffee mix is uniquely different from the other by the recipe that gives rise to the coffee mix. It is however important to note that every coffee mix is similar to the other by the fact that the coffee bean and coffee makers are used to make the drink. Some specialty coffee mixes are designed and parked in bottles to make it easy for people to get the blend as quickly as possible since you must not be an expert at coffee making to get the right recipe. All you may have to do is to buy the already brewed and parked mix and then warm your cup of warm or hot water and add the desired amount of the mix to get your preferred specialty coffee mix.

The cappuccino is one of the most commonly served specialty coffee mixes and is preferred almost in all countries across the globe. To make a cappuccino coffee mix, you would be required t have at least 2 cups of strong hot espresso coffee, two ups of half and half cream in addition to 3 table spoons of cocoa and sugar to taste. Other fine additions that give the cappuccino its unique taste are one ounce of brandy, one ounce of rum and the same quantity of gin which gives it the alcoholic edge. Other than these, you may add an ounce each of light cr?me de cacao and dark cr?me de cacao and an ounce of Galliano whipped cream. By mixing the above substances in a 2 quart saucepan and thoroughly heating, you will then be needed to add the gin, brandy and rum after which you can add the heated coffee and the whipped cream to get your best cappuccino flavor.