Tea And Coffee Maker

If you are an avid coffee drinker and one fine day you suddenly decide to make some tea at home. Did you by any chance think that you would have to get the tea made manually? No need at all, because if you did not know before, here is the information. You can use your coffee maker to provide awesome tea also.

There is no need to worry about the procedure, because if you have been using bean to cup variety of coffee machines, you might be wondering as to how to get the tea made with the tea bags. No worries at all. Let us see how to get a cup of tea brewed with your using your coffee maker. Just load stuff in the coffee making machine as you would normally do if you were about to get a cup of coffee.

There is a filter bin inside the coffee maker if you have carefully noticed the machine any time. If you do not know about this, just peep in and you will see the filter bin. You need to merely place the tea bag on this filter bin. Now the number of tea bags you need to use will surely depend on 2 different things. The first factor which is going to decide about the number of tea bags you need to fill in the coffee making machine is the strength of the tea. If you are planning to ad milk later on, after the black tea is brewed you probably would want the strength of the black tea to be quite good enough. Other wise when you add the milk to the black tea it would not taste quite right.

So if you plan to drink some strong tea, just do not think twice, add at least 2 bags of tea for a single cup of tea. The second factor which can determine the numbers of tea bags are the number of cups of tea you actually want to get prepared by the coffee maker. This again would depend upon the number of people you have got as guests or visitors or even family. So if you need many cups calculate accordingly and add the tea bags. Now remember to remove the filter of course. You are ready to go, just go ahead and switch on the coffee maker and you have your wonderful black tea all boiling and steaming and ready to be enjoyed.