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Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee

Coffee has a delicate flavor of its own. It has been enjoyed by the people over the generations. The coffee is loved all over the world in most of the nations, irrespective of the culture, language and religion. What better way to equality of the masses than coffee? But it was not so always, as coffee was until very recently considered as the rich man's drink. The coffee had an aristocratic touch to it, probably because of the intricacy in cultivating coffee which made it so sought after. The coffee is a very fussy plant. It has to be provided with optimum soil and climatic conditions to give the required quality of the crop. Also the sun and the altitude and not to mention the humidity, there is a long list of requirements for the coffee plant to grow lustrously. There are 2 varieties of coffee plants, the Arabica and the Robusta. The coffee is not only picky when it comes to growth conditions but also has a tendency to pick up the peculiar flavours according to the soil and the climatic conditions where it is cultivated. The type of farming of coffee also matters and the Organic coffee is found to be better than the other coffee cultivated in the non organic way.

The coffee grown in the coffee estates are put through rigorous maintenance of quality standards and such a coffee which is grown under controlled conditions is called as a Gourmet coffee. The coffee beans are put through a process to impart certain peculiar flavors to them. The coffee prepared from such flavored coffee beans are simply wonderful to taste and treasured as a coffee lover's delicacy.

The different flavors available in the gourmet coffee range are French vanilla, hazel nut, Amaretto, Toasted Almond, Irish cream, Chocolate Raspberry, Caramel, Raspberry and Blueberry flavors.

The most wonderful part is that certain flavors can also be mixed together to get a wonderfully new flavor. Like for example mixing up French vanilla and the hazel nut flavors can give a wonderful vanilla hazel nut flavor. The gourmet coffee is truly a treasure and mostly found on any coffee aficionado's list. It makes a wonderful gift idea and a welcome one too. Who does not enjoy having a cup of flavored coffee? The coffee enthusiasts also tend to stock all the different flavors to try out each one of them at leisure.