Vanilla Iced Coffee

There probably is no one in the world that does not enjoy a sip from their favorite coffee, especially if it is iced. But have you noticed that iced coffee is way more costly than hot coffee? There seems to be no logical explanation for this costliness. What could be the reason for hiking the price of the iced coffee? Surely the only difference between both the coffees is only the temperature. The temperature difference is due to the ice cubes used in the iced coffee, now does that mean that that the water or the ice cubes are so costly?

That surely does not give a logical explanation at all. The coffee industry has been cashing in on the love of the wonderful drink by the gullible and easy to fleece coffee lovers who would go to any lengths to get their drink brewed from a popular coffee outlet of their choice. But it is necessary to spend some time in thinking about the necessity to do so. Is it really necessary to get such pricey drinks at the coffee outlets? Why would you want to get fleeced and over charged again and again? Iced coffee is after all quite easily made at home.

The only thing you need to go about making your favorite drink at home is an iced coffee making machine. Or if you would not want to buy another coffee machine as you already own one, then there is no need to lose sleep over it either. Just any coffee machine can get your job done, that too perfectly. The iced coffee does not need any thing else than the espresso which is to be made with the coffee machine. The remaining ingredients are just required to be added as required and suited to the taste and individual preferences.

Once you get your espresso right, you are half done. The only thing you would like to note is that the espresso needs a double scoop of coffee powder when compared to the espresso you would require to make the hot coffee. This is because when you add the ice cubes the melting ice would definitely impart a watery taste and a thin consistency to your iced coffee and spoil it totally. Another ingenious idea is to make the ice cubes out of some coffee. Once you are done with the coffee, cool it and add the ice cubes made of coffee and some liquid sweetener and just a half teaspoon of vanilla essence to the iced coffee. Your vanilla iced coffee is ready to be enjoyed.