Best Burr Coffee Grinder

Grinding coffee at home has become very popular especially for a lot of coffee lovers. Find the best burr coffee grinder is very difficult to do because there are lot of choices out there. To be able to ensure the freshness of your coffee you need to be able to know when the optimal time to grind a particular coffee bean. Just before brewing your favorite cup of coffee is best because you will be able to protect the coffee bean from losing it flavor. There are two types of coffee grinders, one is called the blade coffee grinder and the other on is called the burr coffee grinder. The main difference of the two is how they grind coffee beans. Blade grinders have a blade that typically rotates very fast around twenty thousand to like thirty thousand rounds per minutes. They are perfect for your typical home drip coffee maker and also percolators but the main disadvantage of a blade coffee grinder is that they create coffee dust which can clog up the pump of an espresso machine. The best burr coffee grinder has two disk blades. One that is rotating and the other blade remains stationary. They create a much more consistent type of ground coffee bean and are able to preserve the flavor and the aroma of the coffee bean.

The best burr coffee grinder is able to grind different types of coffee and at different fineness levels or at different sizes that is fit for different types of coffee makers and different types of coffee. Best burr coffee grinder can be adjusted to be able to create different types of grind. There are different types of grinds that you can create. Coarse grind, these are grinds that are relatively large and perfect for percolators and even French presses. They typically look like a grain of sand. Medium grind is one of the most popular type of grind because the can be used in any type coffee maker. This type of grind is what you get in a typical can of coffee that is bought in a store. This type of grind is perfect for drip coffee makers. Fine grind is what you need for espresso. This type of grind would resemble salt or pepper. The reason why espressos need fine grinds is that if you expose more of the coffee beans overall surface area the more coffee you will get to extract.