Burr Coffee Grinder

One of the key factors of getting that perfect cup of coffee is the coffee grinder. Even though coffee grinders are found every where, true coffee lover prefer freshly ground coffee. Coffee grinders are becoming increasingly popular because it gives you that 100 percent fresh taste at the comfort of your own home. Though the overall costs of grinding your own coffee is a little bit more expensive that canned coffee because coffee grinders tend to be a little bit expensive, there are several advantages of having your own coffee grinder that can help you save money. The most important advantage of having your own coffee grinder is that you have control of how fine the grind is. This is very important if you are a real coffee lover because the size of the grind varies depending on the type of brew that you want to have.

One type of grinder that is becoming more popular is the burr coffee grinder. This is type of coffee grinder is becoming popular because it gives you a more consistent grind. This happens by having two blades, one spinning and one stationary burr and the burrs spins slower than traditional blade grinders.. Hence, the name burr coffee grinder. You are also able to control the size of the grind because normally the blades are adjustable and you can fix it depending on the kind of grind that you need.

Traditional blade grinders are cheaper than a burr coffee grinder but they tend to chop the coffee bean rather than grind them thus; creating a brew that is unpredictable and of course, not perfect because the grinds that they produce are different sizes. It might be better than canned coffee but is it not yet the best that it should be. Why spend all that money for a coffee grinder if you still can't have the best coffee? Right? Because it can produce uniform grinds, coffee shops use burr coffee grinders for grind their coffee beans, though it is more expensive than a traditional blade grinder, having a uniform grind is all worth it. True coffee lovers go for bur coffee grinders because it gives you a predictable cup of joe. There is huge difference between having a uniform grind and a grind that varies in size because when a grind varies in size then there is more a larger surface area that will be exposed to hot water and more oil and more flavors will be extracted during brewing. The taste will be a lot different that what its supposed to be.