Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews

The beginning of any great cup of coffee is the grinding of the beans. Each cup is different depending on the type of bean being used and the fineness of the grind. If you are a person who loves the detail of making coffee and are looking for only the best grinder to get that perfect cup, take a look at the grinders reviewed here.

One of the best budget grinders on the market has to be the Capresso Infinity. The burr grinder is preferred by coffee drinkers because, unlike blade grinders, burrs grind the coffee beans to a much finer consistency and this makes all the difference when you are making espresso. This model will grind the bean well enough for espresso machines and also works just a well with drip coffee makers, which will produce a much stronger cup of coffee. The timer is very quiet, a great feature if your machine is close to either your sleeping area or family room where excess or distracting noise. The grind is very slow however to reduce static and help in the cleaning process. Its not a big machine though only having a capacity for about 8 tablespoons of grounds. The stainless steel model sells for about $100, which is a real bargain.

Another great grinder is the Krups Fast Touch. This simple machine is great for automatic drip coffee machine and French presses and has a great durability. This machine is tough enough to last for many, many years of regular use. It is remarkably easy to clean because of the lid on the base which allows easy access. A quick wipe off of the inside with a damp paper towel is all the cleaning you are likely to need to do. The Krup Fast Touch is slightly bigger than most and will hold up to 12 tablespoons of beans which will give you between one and two pots of automatic drip. Unfortunately this model isn't much good for really strong coffee or espressos. If you're planning on using a grinder for those you will need a much bigger model.

Coffee bean grinders are not all created equally. These two models are great starter models however and good for budget conscious folks who like a great cup of coffee but don't want to pay a fortune for the privilege of drinking it. If these choices don't suit your need, a quick search of sites on the internet will quickly lead you to the best of the best.