Buy Coffee Grinder

If you have decided that its time to indulge in coffee that's freshly brewed every morning, you probably would be looking out for a good coffee grinder. Don't go in for the first cheapest grinder you find. Do some research and read up all you can on grinders before actually purchasing one.

Coffee grinders basically come in two types; there are grinders with blades made with metal and some others made with burrs. The ones with blades are normally bit cheaper, but does not allow much control over the level of fineness. Burr coffee grinders on the other hand are bit expensive, but gives several options of grind fineness. Understanding the differences between these two types will help you make a correct decision.

The choice depends on your requirements of how much control you need over the coarseness of the ground coffee. If you want only one particular brew method, then there is no need for several options for your grinder. Who ever wants to try out with different brewing methods will like to grind the coffee to different levels of finesse. Sometime a machine does not have a specific control, and the only way to check if the grind is done is to check and see manually. Some machines offer only three to four levels, while some very high-end grinders have the multiple setting options for fineness in the grind.

The power is in watts and the motor power can be in a range of about 150 watts to nearly 300 Watts depending on the model. There are several less powerful grinders available but with frequent usage are most likely to not last or get jammed.

If you are a in the habit of grinding enough coffee for a pot every time you need one, then a large hopper won't be necessary. But if you plan to grind larger quantities, then it is advisable to look for a bigger size container. Many grinders are only able to hold a small quantity of beans unlike some machines that will hold up to four ounces or more.

One more important feature that you should keep in mind is the auto-off feature. It's very small feature, but this feature is very valuable. For small portable machines its good to have the option of leaving a bigger table top grinding machine unattended while it works. This feature helps reduce the wear of the machine such as spare parts and the motor.