Coffee Expresso Machines

As a definition the term of espresso caf? also called espresso, represents a concentrated coffee which is brewed by injecting hot water into the ground coffee in order to obtain a thick consistency and a creamy drink. Espresso is also the base for other highly appreciated drinks like cappuccino, latte macchiato or mochas.

The first espresso machines have been introduced in the 20th Century by Luigi Bezzera. Since then, multiple types of machines have been created in order to satisfy individual needs of every customer. Whether you think to purchase such machinery for your own personal use or if you own a coffee shop, you should know that there are five types of espresso machines available on the market:

The automatic espresso machines come in three different versions: they are automatic, semi automatic or super automatic. The semi automatic machines push the water using a pump while the automatic ones have the pump automatically turned on when the water goes through the flow meter. The super automatic espresso machines are very popular and highly appreciated as they do almost all the work, brewing the coffee instantly with a minimal effort coming from the person who operates it. All you have to do is to push the start button and wait.

The steam power espresso machines function like the standard pump driven coffee machines. These machines are great for tourists. They operate by using steam pressure forcing the water into the coffee in order to release the concentrate potion. They are voluminous therefore not too popular.

The piston driven espresso machines were invented in 1938 by an Italian named Achille Gaggia who was also the founder of Gaggia Company. These types of espresso makers use a lever which is pumped by the person who operates with the machine in order to inject the hot water into the coffee grinds.

The pump driven espresso makers are the most popular around the pubs. They operate by using a motor driven pump instead of the manual force, having the necessary power to prepare the espresso. This machine requires some time when preparing the coffee as it sometimes has a single chamber for boiling the water and steaming. Yet there are models which have a separate container for boiling the water.

Another type of espresso machine is the stove top espresso maker. It has three containers: the bottom chamber which holds the water, the middle chamber and the top chamber which has a metal filter. When heated, the pressure from the steam goes through a tube, forcing the water through the filter up to the ground coffee beans, releasing the coffee. In conclusion, it doesn`t matter what type of espresso machine we use, the resulting drinks such as Caf? Coretto, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, or Mocha are simple marvelous.