Conical Coffee Grinder

There are many ways to make a cup of coffee and if you are particular about the taste and aroma, chances are you wont go for the packeted coffee powders. When coffee powder gets exposed to air, it starts to lose its richness in terms of flavor and aroma. The best option is therefore to freshly grind the coffee beans before brewing a pot. There are different types of coffee grinders available for this purpose which are convenient for home use and also give the same results as you would get in a good coffee shop.

But again all coffee grinders do not give the same result, as there are different types. Basically there are three types, ones with steel blades, and the other two with burr blades of conical and flat shapes. Now how does all this affect the coffee taste? Well, when coffee powder is exposed to heat it starts to lose its richness and this happens when the grinder runs at a high speed creating friction with the blade and beans. Usually this happens with steel blade grinders and also the grinding will not be even. The best results are got out of a Conical Coffee grinder and let us now see why this is so.

A Conical Coffee Grinder of the burr type, is known to retain the best flavor and aroma of the coffee beans as the grinding process does not generate much heat. The other factor responsible for a great tasting coffee is the uniformity of the grind. The time taken for the hot water to pass through the coffee during the brew plays a vital role in the taste of the coffee. The Conical Coffee Grinder is known for a uniform grind consistently, thus enhancing the flavor of the coffee.

A burr type Conical Coffee Grinder also places a lot of controls in your hands. You can change the texture and coarseness of the grind to your requirement or the type of coffee you are planning to make. You have the option of getting the most coarse or very fine powder, by just adjusting the control switch, and you do not have to closely monitor the grinding process.

Burr type Conical Coffee Grinder cost a little more than the one with the steel blade, but is well worth the extra cost. The price of the models will depend upon the number of controls and the levels of grinds the machine is capable of doing.