Crank Coffee Grinder

A lot of people are now grinding coffee by hand in their very own homes. There are three types of coffee grinders and a lot of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. A crank coffee grinder can be used when there is no power in the area where you are like in a boat, a camp site. It is said that it gives a much more uniform grind that the blade grinder. Crank coffee grinder is more popular than some types of grinder because it very portable. A blade coffee grinder normally just chops the coffee bean instead of chopping it. It generates too much heat and creates too much friction that it grinds inconsistent coffee beans. Though it is less expensive that a burr coffee grinder and relatively easy to maintain, a lot of people still prefer using a burr coffee grinder because of that particular reason. Burr coffee grinders are grind coffee more uniformly than a blade coffee grinder and a crank coffee grinder.

The popular goal when you are grinding coffee is to get the most flavor that should be taken from the coffee and the ground coffee beans shout match the type of coffee that you want to have. There are a lot of electric coffee grinders out their but there are crank coffee grinders that have modern designs and are said to be quieter than the electric grinders. Some models are made to look like antique crank coffee grinders and most of the have wood for bases. Some models are even made to have curves so that it can fit between the knees in order to grind beans.

Crank coffee grinders make you more a part of the process of grinder coffee beans and they will work where ever you like and do not use power like the electric coffee grinded. Crank coffee grinders have an antique feel to it. Some antique crank coffee grinders are being collected and preserved because of their appeal. There are tons of books on coffee grinders. There is this 1300 page manual that came out that the sole topic is antique coffee grinder. They are impressive pieces of appliance. A lot of collectors have paid a large sum of money. There are a lot of choices to choose from because coffee grinders have been in the market for more than 200 years now and people still wants to collect them and some still even use antique coffee grinders to grind their coffee.