Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Burr

Coffee lovers like to brew freshly ground coffee as it imparts a rich flavor and aroma, compared to brewing packeted coffee powder. Many people buy coffee grinders for this purpose and there are many models available in the market today. Cuisinart is a trusted name in kitchen appliances for number of years and their products are of very good quality and also reasonably priced. The different models of the Cuisinart coffee grinder is very popular and many households depend on this machine for fresh cups of coffee every day.

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder uses burr mechanism for grinding and is considered the best to get a uniform consistency in the powder. Compared to grinders using steel blades, the Cuisinart burr coffee grinder produces less friction and hence does not heat up which ensures the flavor is not lost. In addition to this the grinder has controls which will enable you to get 14 degrees or levels of textures ranging from the most coarse to the most fine. Having different types of powders will enable you to make different forms of coffee like espresso to the more coarse varieties for the French press.

One of the popular models is the CBM-18 Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Burr Mill. This is a programmable model and very reasonably priced at about $100 in many of the famous online stores. The model has conical burrs which will ensure uniform grinding preserving the full flavor without any heating up of the machine. It has a capacity to grind about half a pound of beans at a time. You can also choose the exact quantity with the convenient cup selector for making one to fourteen cups. The selector control lets you choose between 18 levels of fineness, and there is an LCD display which tells you the correct time needed for the chosen fineness and quantity to ensure that every grind is perfect. Maintenance of the machine is very easy as the grind chamber can be removed and cleaned with the brush which is included. The heavy duty motor ensures hassle-free performance for a long time.

Another cheaper model for about $40 is the DBM-8 Cuisinart coffee grinder burr mill. This has almost all the features of the above model with only the difference of the slide dial where you can choose between four to eighteen cups. This also has an 18 level fineness selector for choosing between ultra fine to coarse.