Dualit Coffee Grinder

To produce consistent ground coffee while preserving maximum aroma of the coffee beans you will need to have a perfect coffee grinder for the job. Dualit's coffee grinder does the perfect job and ensures your coffee is always fresh when you need it. The grinder is engineered to spin more slowly as compared to other grinders. It is fashioned this way to minimize clogging of flavoured beans. It is designed to produce lesser heat which is crucial to the preservation of the bean's aroma.

For the slow spin, Dualit Coffee grinder comes armed with a conical burr. The conical burr also ensures consistent grind. Dualit Coffee grinder grinds the beans at a slow speed of 450 rpm which preserves the sweet natural aroma of the beans. The burr is detachable for easy cleaning up. The coffee grinder comes with a top of range safety cut out feature that protect the grinder as well as the ground coffee against stones. The deal gets better as the grinder comes with 13 grind settings that range from percolator to fine.

The fear of wastage is cancelled out with the inclusion of portion control buttons which allow you to grind only what you need. Dualit coffee grinder comes with a considerably large hopper which can hold up to 250 grams of coffee beans. That is enough coffee storage even for the most regular coffee drinker.

Dualit coffee grinder is made from light materials and weighs a small weight of 1.5kg with a dimensions of 11 by 16 by 28.5 cm. Quite portable indeed. It occupies less space on your kitchen table and is convenient in most of places. Equipped with a clockwork timer, which is easy to use once used to it, you will love the efficiency and convenience of making timed coffee.

It's safe to say that Dualit Coffee grinder delivers. The professionally styled design made from silver and black parts looks attractive. It is appropriate to say it is the best to ever be made in this category. The experts behind this great grinder should be applauded since the machine allows you to enjoy your coffee while it is still coffee, complete with the delicious taste and sweet aroma. It can be concluded that this coffee grinder is the real deal and it is a winner in all levels. Just like any other grinder, you will have to give it some very hard taps to get the best ground coffee, but it is worth it.