Espresso Coffee Grinders

There is nothing like a fine cup of espresso to start the day and you do not have to go to the usual coffee chain outlet to get your fix. Now you can make excellent espresso right at home with the right kind of machine. You could buy ground coffee powder but you will never be able to get the rich coffee taste which you get when you freshly grind the coffee beans yourself. The obvious question you are asking is there anything special about Espresso Coffee Grinders, compared to any coffee grinder available in the market. As you would have seen the market is flooded with different models of coffee grinders and what would be the best for espresso coffee.

One of the requirements for making good espresso coffee is that the coffee powder should be finely ground. So your search begins with choosing the grinder with the right type of blade and the speed of spinning the machine is capable. The grinding capability of the blade will depend on its shape and the material its made up of. Good quality Espresso coffee grinders will usually be fitted with conical burr blade as these are capable of achieving spin rates of up to 20,000 rpm which is ideal for getting a smooth textured coffee powder.

Coffee beans have a certain oil in them which gives you the vivid coffee flavor when you drink freshly ground coffee. This oil is lost in packeted coffee powders and therefore you do not find the coffee as tasty as when you grind it fresh. Espresso coffee not only needs this flavor but also the powder should be having a fine texture. There are many, Espresso Coffee Grinders available with steel blades but they are not as efficient as the burr blades. Grinders having steel blade with an electric motor have a tendency to take a longer time to achieve the favorable smooth texture which is required. When the machine runs for a longer time it gets heated up and this heat causes the powder to lose most of the oil and so you will not get the required aroma and flavor.

Espresso coffee grinders with burr blades do not have these problems as they can grind the beans at a much faster rate and also you can adjust the machine to get the required degree of smoothness in the texture of the powder. The Espresso Coffee Grinders with burr blades are a bit more expensive but if you take the advantages into account they definitely are the better choice.