Hand Coffee Grinder

Coffee is an exceptional drink with lot of fan following all over the globe. The self professed coffee lovers can really go to extremes of behaviour and efforts to get the flavour which they are after. The fact remains that coffee is best ground immediately before brewing. But it does not always be possible to get this done. Unless you have whole coffee beans available and you have them roasted and ready for grinding you cannot start the grinding process. Also you need a perfect grinder to do the job. Coffee is a strange acting beverage, because just like its fans, it also is very finicky in selecting the fineness of the coffee bean to impart the needed flavour to the beverage.

There are 2 types of ways in which the roasted coffee whole beans can be ground using the 2 different types of grinders:

Hand or Manual Coffee Grinder

Automatic or Electric Grinder.

There are various types of coffee which require only hand grinding to get that peculiar flavour. A good example is the Turkish coffee. This requires the use of whole beans freshly roasted and ground only by hand grinder.

The hand grinder is also called as a Coffee mill. The hand coffee grinder consists of handle which has to be turned manually or by hand. The movement of the handle delivers the whole roasted coffee beans from the holding chamber in to the grinding chamber where they get ground by the cutting blades. The blades are made of stainless steel and their movement is totally regulated by the manual movement of the handle. The hand coffee grinders which are fitted with a burr are more efficient and they not only grind but also chop the whole beans in to pieces.

Depending on the type of coffee you are planning to drink, the handle will have to moved for a few times for espresso or for a couple of times more if the coffee you desire is Turkish coffee.

The hand coffee machines are typically made of wood and metal. These machines are an emblem of the coffee lover's passion, where ever they are found. One look at the hand coffee machine and any body will instantly realize that the owner is a certified coffee lover or an aficionado. Because in the era of the high tech appliances and automatic and super automatic coffee grinders and coffee brewing machines, if any person decides to own these old fashioned hand coffee machines, then it sure is a certificate of their passion and undying enthusiasm for quality coffee.