Home Coffee Grinder

If you are a coffee fan and love to have coffee cup at a coffee shop, and question yourself the reason why the coffee you make is not tasting the same as the coffee shops. It could be the coffee that's used by you may not be ground the way it's supposed to be.

A home coffee grinding machine can do the trick for you. With several brands and models in the market it's just a matter of finding the correct Home coffee grinder for your kitchen.

The coffee grinders that are available in the market are the burr grinder and the blade grinder. The blade grinder is a small cylinder shaped grinder that is no larger than a travel mug for coffee, with a permanent fixed blade inside . With this grinder it is possible to have enough ground coffee for a large pot of coffee. Though the coffee that's ground is sufficiently fine for a regular pot of coffee it will not produce a fine and smooth enough grind for espresso. Many blade grinders are shaped like deep wells and made of stainless steel which helps to prevent the building up of heat when grinding the coffee beans giving fresh tasting coffee. The best is these blade grinders are priced very reasonably and you can buy one for as low as $19.00.

The other great home coffee grinder is the burr coffee grinder. The burr Coffee grinder can produce similar results as coffee shop ground coffee. That's the reason many homes prefer to have as their home coffee grinder a burr grinder.

The Burr Grinder really do what its name really says, it grinds. The coffee beans are ground between two burr plates. These plates or also known as burrs are mostly flat and in some models conical. While one burr is spinning around the other Burr is permanently fixed.

The coffee beans are ground to equal size making a cup of coffee that is good in taste. It also eliminates the problem of clogging giving you an option of grinding the coffee to the required consistency of fine or coarse powder to suit your espresso or coffee maker that you have at home.

For example, if it is a French Press that's being used the coffee that is ground may require to be a "very coarse" ground coffee. On the other hand if it is a drip brewer the coffee grounds would just be "course".

It is well to remember when looking to buy a burr grinder to select a low-speed machine. Low speed makes the coffee grind finer. With high speed grinding sometimes there can be a problem or two. The beans can become hot during grinding and you may also have to deal with static problems.