La Pavoni Coffee Grinder

The Company La Pavoni was originated in the city of Milan in the year 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni inside a small room at Via Parini. The first creation by Pavoni was patented by Luigi Bezzera, in September 1902, and registered in the Milan State office on the 19th of September 1903. The first espresso coffee machine was made for a bar called "Ideale".

Among the other products in the La Pavoni range is the La Pavoni coffee grinder.

La Pavoni brand resembles Quality, and that's exactly what you get with a La Pavoni Grinder Quality at its Best.

Let's first take a look at the Semi-professional grinder range. The La Pavoni (PA-BURR) burr grinder is the best in the range for its low cost price and with a dial to choose the measurements of coffee and with the options of setting for coarse and drip.

Although this model does not have the option of espresso fine grind. Another thing is that beans have to be introduced into the grinding chamber a few at a time. This means you are occupied with the grinder till you finish grinding all the beans you intended to grind.

Let's turn our attention on the higher end more commercial coffee grinder model. With a Price tag of close to $1000.00, the Pavoni's ZIP auto Grinder is actually more expensive that some other commercial coffee grinders available in the market.But you get one great quality machine, guaranteed value for money.

Looking at the machine you will notice the superb design features of this coffee grinder. Built and structured with die-cast anodized aluminum, not only does the weight give stability to the grinding process, it makes the grinder look elegant.

While in operation the noise and heat buildup is not so prominent for this model as the motor is fitted and protected by a Anti heat absorbing shield that comes with a class F insulation. The burrs are made with tempered steel with flat milled grinders. Built in with an automatic stop function that enables to automatically shut down the machine after the grind cycle is over. And with a high output of 13 lbs per hour, this Coffee grinder really makes a impression.

Built with Quality coupled with great design and style La Pavoni Grinders are more like designer art works. With high quality materials and workmanship, La Pavoni takes pride in ensuring that every coffee grinder that has a La Pavoni logo is individually factory checked. The La Pavoni coffee grinder is guaranteed to be is a master Piece in you kitchen.