Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder

If you are only a part time coffee drinker you might think that the best known name in coffee machines is "Mr. Coffee". Well maybe it is with some people. With the people who love coffee or work in the industry, the most well known and respected name in coffee machines and equipment is, of course, Mazzer. Mazzer machines are used world wide everywhere from coffee shops to corporate board rooms to kitchens in America?s heartland and its popularity shows no sign of slowing. These company?s products are even rebranded with such names as Astoria and Rio line. The Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder is an excellent example of how this company does things right the first time.

One of the problems with this model is that Mazzer does not market to consumers. The primary market for this grinder is to small coffee shops as a main grinder. Larger shops do purchase them as a decaf or back up grinder but the main market is the smaller establishments. If you use one of these in your home you should be a dedicated espresso aficionado who drinks a great deal of coffee or does a lot of entertaining.

The Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder is made from quality materials, by hand in Italy. It weighs just 10 lbs, empty, and the body is high gauge steel with a textured silver and gloss overcoat to protect the finish from water damage, coffee stains and hard use. Remember that this model is primarily made for restaurants so it has to be tough. The hopper is a strong clear plastic and not the breakable glass used by many manufacturers and it has predrilled screws to firmly anchor the hopper where it is supposed to be.

The grinding process has been enhanced a great deal. With several settings to choose from you can grind your beans to almost any degree that you desire with the turn of a switch.

Mazzer burr group is in a class all by itself. The 58mm flat burr plates make any grind complete in about 15 seconds and will grind around a gram per second.

All in all, if you want the best coffee bean grinder available any where taking a good long look at the Mazzer Mini Coffee grinder is well worth your time. Bean grinders are like any other product. They can deliver the best high quality material or they can do a half job. Mazzer is definitely the best available.