Mill Coffee Grinder

There is nothing like a freshly ground brewed coffee to start the day. When you freshly grind coffee and brew it you are able to get the best taste and aroma that the coffee beans has to offer. Packeted coffee powders lose their richness very fast and you are left with something which does give the same experience. Therefore many coffee drinkers like to have a coffee grinder in their homes, to make a fresh brew every time.

There are many types of grinders and the most common and cheapest ones are the electric ones which have steel blades. Although this serve the basic purpose of grinding the coffee beans, they produce heat during the grinding process which diminishes the aroma and flavor of the powder. Surprisingly one of the best type of grinders are the ones which were used when the process was still done by hand. Even today many people like to have a Mill Coffee grinder as it serves many purposes.

First of all the Mill Coffee Grinder has an antique appeal and looks very good in any kitchen. They come in many different models and the common ones are the box types and the Turkish Mill Coffee Grinder which is richly decorated on the outside. The basic mechanism in any, mill coffee grinder is the burrs which are abrasive surfaces that revolve when you turn the handle. This ensures a uniform grinding, as the beans have to pass through the space between the burrs repeatedly, unlike steel blades which cut the beans unevenly and the result is a mixed ground texture of the powder. Also in a mill coffee grinder the coarseness of the powder can be controlled by adjusting a small screw. If you need a very fine powder the screw has to tightened and the gap between the burrs is reduced so that the grid is more fine.

The mill coffee grinder will usually have a hopper on the top where you will feed in the beans and the powdered coffee will collect at the bottom in a container. Grinders having the box mill design are a shaped like a cube with a handle on top and the beans are put into a drawer, that feeds the hopper. Usually an average sized mill coffee grinder will hold enough beans to make five to six cups of strong coffee. This will take about a couple of minutes to grind for the usual brew. If you are wanting a smoother grind for espresso you have to grind much longer.