Pavoni Coffee Grinder

La Pavoni Spa was founded in Milan in 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni. He invented an espresso coffee machine and named it as Ideale. This invention was promptly registered under the patent act in Milan in the early twentieth century. The nineteenth day of September, 1903 was a lucky day for Mr.Pavoni as he got his patent registered on that day.

The espresso coffee machine invented by Pavoni had a machine which was assembled in a vertical manner. It had a boiler which was maintained under high and constant pressure by a gas ring on which the boiler was balanced upon. The machine was not manual and fully operated on electricity.

As the design was first invented by Pavoni, and patented by him too, the machine was very soon seen all over the world making its presence as the espresso coffee making machine in the coffee bars and the other food outlets.

The Pavoni Company has a huge variety of coffee machines and grinders for all the domestic use, vending line, and the commercial use. The domestic use range has a wide range of pump machines, coffee grinders, combined machines, lever machines, components and optionals.

The Pavoni coffee grinders come in 6 different models and all are colored black. There are 2 options, one of red and the other of blue, which is the color of the strip on the side. The excellent combination makes the coffee grinder look truly alluring and appealing. The names of the models are Jolly-J L, Jolly-J R, Jolly-J N, Jolly-Dasato JDL, Jolly-Dasato JDN and Jolly-Dasato JDR.

The motor in each of these models uses one hundred and twenty Volts in the smaller size of the coffee grinder and two hundred and thirty Volts in the larger size of the Pavoni coffee grinders. The price range is all between two hundred and sixty six Great Britain Pounds and three hundred and ninety two Great Britain Pounds. There is a price difference of around twenty nine Great Britain Pounds between the smaller size of the Pavoni Coffee grinders and the larger version of the grinders in the domestic line of the Pavoni coffee grinders.

There are 5 different models in the commercial line of the Pavoni coffee grinders. The models are named as Zip Presco caf?- ZMD, Zip Presco caf?-ZED, Zip Base, Zip Automatico and Zip Maxi Automatico.

The Pavoni coffee grinders are sure to give you the finest grind with the most economical prices and attractive appearance.