Quiet Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder gives you the privilege of having freshly flavored coffee every day. In the past coffee beans were milled into granules using pestles and mortar. As years passed by and mechanisms improved and evolved coffee beans began to be milled in a better and quieter way.

Quiet coffee grinder which come with compact and durable features are designed using die cast metal. This allows easy cleaning of the machine. Its immaculate looks adds splendor to the kitchen. These grinders are available in the vicinity of $200. Since the grinder is well-equipped with powerful DC motor and a gear reduction system it does not produce much noise.

Its cutting burrs which are built with a diameter of about 2.25 inches and made from stainless steel can be adjusted to more than a dozen different sizes. It lets the grinder produce perfect consistency while grinding everything from espresso to French press. Coffee tastes the best when the extraction is smooth. Coarsely grounded coffee beans will produce a weak flavor and taste bitter.

Besides creating less noise it requires just 450 RPMs for efficient functioning and thereby prevents the motor from getting overheated. This in turn helps preserve the aroma and flavor of the grounded coffee bean.

Another plus-point of a quiet coffee grinder is its heavy top casting. This feature adds stability to the grinder and helps minimize vibration and noise that normally generates when the machine is in operation.

The grinder comes with a coffee bin and a bean hopper that can accommodate 7 to 12 ounces of coffee beans. To minimize its static level both the bin and the hopper have been manufactured using glass. The other advantage of using glass is it prevents the ground coffee from sticking to its sides.

Quiet coffee grinder requires minimum maintenance. It is safe to put all its essential parts in the dishwasher. The cleaning brush that comes along with it facilitates easy cleaning of the machine. Because of its compact design it fits into or can be put beneath one of the kitchen cabinets effortlessly. It also does not need an outlet to close as it is comes with a 43 inch power cord. Although designed for durability, it is backed by a two year warranty period.

Additionally, a quiet coffee grinder will not disturb your family members when in use. So make it your personal choice if you have plans of buying one.