Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

The Rancilio rocky coffee grinder rates high on the list of home espresso grinders that have been around for some time. The addition of the much newer models which features a fabulous grinder that has a chute instead of a doser, which reduces the amount of coffee that is being wasted drastically and makes it a sought after coffee machine

Most fussy home coffee brewers will find this grinder to be the best choice. The quality of the grounds is unmatched and it is durable too. The Rancilio rocky grinder is in the process of receiving a new look and would come with a bean hopper that is a blue tint or in a rose tint and available in black and white and stainless steel. The version that is stainless steel has the back panel in stainless steel but the base is a heavy-duty aluminum frame in black. On the other hand the base and back cover of the black and white version is in plastic and the frame is in heavy-duty white aluminum.

The Rancilio rocky machine doesn't have a doser and instead it has been replace with a "chiute", and the portafilter handles are held by a retaining fork as one grinds. This innovation will reduce waste as it will grind only the amount needed.

There are fifty five settings which can be regulated easily for grinding. The product is very user friendly. The Rancilio rock coffee grinder will grind the beans fine enough as required whether it is for Turkish coffee or for a French press, or espresso. With one of these grinders any coffee house would be able to satisfy even the most fussy customer.

The Rancilion Rocky coffee grinder which has a direct drive motor powered by 166-watt is the same as the commercial model MD40 grinder which also makes this coffee grinder quiet but very powerful. It will not slow down or give up even under the most demanding workload. Therefore, it is considered quite durable. The motor alone weighs 2# and spins at 1,725RPM. Precautionary measures by incorporating a high temperature overload switch prevents possible damage if anything hard gets caught in the burrs as sometimes there are stones and other small particles that can get stuck.

Some of the specification so the Rancilio rock coffee grinder is as follows,

- Easy to use

- a cover to help in sealing in freshness

- the bean hopper's capacity holds coffee up to 10.5 oz.

- ideal for a home environment

- all types of grinds

- grinds directly into a portafilter

- doser compatible

- 55 grinder settings

- high volume bean hopper

- comes in Stainless Steel/Black

- dimensions (H x W x D) 13.75 x 5.25 x 9.75

- weight - 17 lbs

- warranty 1 yr

The overall feedback for this coffee grinder by user is good.