Spong Coffee Grinder

Coffee can make the coffee aficionados go crazy. They can go to any amount of efforts and extents, all for the love of coffee. In the era of the wonderfully crafted and highly efficient automatic, super automatic and the other types of high end coffee machines and grinders, these coffee aficionados can go nuts searching for a hand grinder or an antique grinder, just to profess their devotion to the flavour of their favourite coffee. That is the only reason why there are lots of web sites which sell these rare and antique models of hand grinders even today. The manual grinders or the hand operated grinders are believed to grind the whole coffee beans in a gentle but firm manner, without any of the unwanted heat which is usually given out in an electric grinder.

The Spong Coffee grinder was invented or created by Mr. James Osborne Spong at the onset of the nineteenth century. Mr. James Osborne Spong was an inventor with a purpose. He believed in creating useful inventions and endorsed creation of such gadgets which would save the hard work or effort spent on doing an activity by hand. Mr. James Osborne Spong is the person who invented this Spong coffee grinder in 1800. This Spong coffee grinder is essentially a hand operated or a manual coffee grinder. The coffee grinder design was actually based on one of his other labour saving gadget called as the Original sausage and the general meat mincing. He was quite adept at inventing many useful gadgets in his life time and he got almost a hundred gadgets patented. That explains how talented and promising he was.

This Spong coffee grinder was created in five different sizes or gradations. He named them in an ascending order according to the size gradations as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The 0 was the smallest size and the 2 and the 3 worked as moderate sized coffee grinders. The 5 was the largest size and could grind a large amount of whole coffee beans and was recommended for a larger family or a coffee shop.

These Spong coffee grinders are being sold even today on eBay and other online shopping sites. The cost is not more than ten dollars, but the value attached to it by the coffee lovers is much more than that. There are many collectors who love to treasure these rare and antique coffee grinders too.