Sunbeam Coffee Grinder

Sunbeam is an Australian company which has been around for almost one hundred and thirty years for now. The Company was actually started in 1880, and initially the Company never made any kitchen appliances. The Company was mainly in to the business of making shafting equipment which was primarily used for the shearing of the sheep. But this business was seasonal and there were remaining parts of the year where the business would remain slack. To make good and profitable use of the slack time the entrepreneurs involved in the business decided to manufacture some ingeniously designed electrical appliances which were not very big in size. The business soon gained immense popularity and there was no looking back for the company since then. It went on to become a Public Company in the year 1952 and assumed the name of the Sunbeam Corporation with a cleverly phrased slogan which read as Best Electric Appliance Made.

The Sunbeam Company is no midget in the world of the technological innovations. Many of its designs have been awarded and honoured and have received the Red Dot Award for its caf? series, recently.

Sunbeam Company has a range of Coffee grinders with many models among them. The Caf? series conical burr grinder coffee EM 0480 is a burr grinder model which gives excellent fineness of the coffee grounds. The best part is that the coffee beans do not get heated up during the grinding and thus retains the natural flavour of the coffee when brewed. The Caf? series conical burr grinder coffee EM 0480 has twenty four different settings on the grinder to choose from. The settings can be chosen according to the fineness required. Each type of coffee requires a different grade of fineness. The EM 0480 has been created with these facts in mind.

There are dual mode settings and the hopper which holds the whole coffee beans has a capacity to hold two hundred and fifty grams of whole coffee beans. This Sunbeam EM 0480 can be used both in domestic and the commercial settings to get the coffee beans ground freshly. The Grinder comes with a work mat and also has metal burrs which may be replaced in case they get old or even damaged.

The EM 0480 grinders from the Sunbeam Company are sold at numerous places and outlets all over Australia, some of them being the Big W, K mart, Harvey Norman, Good guys, Betta stores, David Jones, Myer etc to mention just a few.