The Maestro Coffee Grinder

Maestro Coffee Grinders are manufactured by Baratza. The preliminary design of Baratza's first coffee grinder was voted best in class. Their new design, managed to overcome several tiresome issues that other's failed to do within this same price range. This new version of the Maestro was a vast improvement on the original: a range of grind options and a revolutionary calibration system that has a built in DC motor of 240-watt which provides twice the power of the original model. To safe guard the brand name the grinders were trialed at the manufacturing plant and is made to withstand any test.

With a sleek design and maximum functionality, the grinder is a superb new addition to the kitchen.

The new maestro model has a stop start option on its right side. The new machine also has an overturn protection. This enables the user to twist the device in a full circle, with no fear of it over turning. To make it even more consumer friendly there are two stop start switches. At the time of writing the Maestro's grinding device is the most effective market option in its price range. The conical burrs also known as plates are configured to enable the ground beans to fall directly into the basket.

This is an advancement on the traditional method, stopping the ground coffee from forming a sludge in the coffee basket which is an improvement for easy cleaning as well to stop coffee going to waste.

One of the best features that have been seen in this new design is the swapping of the handle of the machine's portafilter. Just remove the basket holding the ground coffee and tighten the handle securely. Next twist the button found on the grinder's lower right side to dispense the required amount of coffee. By following this process, it makes the laborious job of taking the coffee out from the basket redundant, and means less waste.

The Maestro was designed with one thing in mind, performance. Evidence of this is very obvious in the huge 240-watt motor, which is twice as powerful as the previous model. The larger motor enables increased ferocity, so the plates works slower can grinds at a quieter speed while keeping the flavors in the coffee beans intact.

The Maestro Coffee grinder also has an evolutionary system of gear reduction that enables hassle free grinding rotations of 450 rpm. This system enables slower grinding.